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 حصريا : لعبة NFS UnderCover.2009 RIP بحجم 975 ميجا فقط تحميل مباشر و على أكثر من سيرفر

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تاريخ التسجيل : 05/11/2008

حصريا : لعبة NFS UnderCover.2009 RIP بحجم 975 ميجا فقط تحميل مباشر و على أكثر من سيرفر Empty
مُساهمةموضوع: حصريا : لعبة NFS UnderCover.2009 RIP بحجم 975 ميجا فقط تحميل مباشر و على أكثر من سيرفر   حصريا : لعبة NFS UnderCover.2009 RIP بحجم 975 ميجا فقط تحميل مباشر و على أكثر من سيرفر Icon_minitimeالثلاثاء نوفمبر 25, 2008 1:48 am

حصريا : لعبة NFS UnderCover.2009 RIP بحجم 975 ميجا فقط تحميل مباشر و على أكثر من سيرفر

بوستر اللعبة


Need for Speed: Undercover [2009] | PC Game | Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D
Developer: EA Black Box | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Language: English+8 | 975 MB |

| Extra languages |

Czech | French | German | Hungarian | Italian | Polish | Russian | Spanish | Swedish

EA’s dominating racing series takes a left turn with this uniquely action-oriented entry in the franchise, where players use their driving skills honed in previous NFS games to control their vehicle in dangerous, high speeds encounters. The game features international movie star, Maggie Q, as the lead character in the big-budget live-action sequences that propel the story forward as players get behind the wheel. Undercover takes the franchise back to its roots and re-introduces break-neck cop chases, the world’s hottest cars and spectacular highway battles.

| Features |
Go Deep Undercover - Race into an action-packed story of pursuit and betrayal. Take on jobs and compete in races to prove yourself as you infiltrate and take down an international crime syndicate
✔ Highway Battle - Fight off the cops and others as you take down your prey in high-speed, high stake multi-car chases. New and vastly improved AI mechanics mean more aggressive and intelligent cops focused on taking you out fast and by any means necessary
✔ Own the Open World - Tear across the massive highway system and discover the open world of the Gulf Coast Tri-Cities area, with 3 unique cities connected by an extensive highway system
✔ Heroic Driving Engine - lets you pull off amazing moves for the ultimate driving edge

| Ripped |
Movies, Music, Speech

| Release Date |
November 17, 2008

| Screen Shots |

الصـور الرسـمية لــ NFS UnderCover قبل نزول اللعبة رسمياً


Minimum System Requirements:
• OS: Windows XP SP3 or Vista SP1
• CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent) CPU - 2.8 Ghz or higher (3.0GHz on Windows Vista)
• Graphics: 128MB Video Card - Recommended cards include the Geforce 6500, Radeon 9500 or better DirectX compliant video card with Pixel shader 2.0 or above (AGP and PCI-Express only)
• DirectX: 9.0c
• HDD: 5.5 GB Free Space (minimum)
• DVD-Drive: 8x
• Multiplayer: Broadband Connection and Network Interface Card

و كما عودتنا الروش على الانفرادات من حجم و صغر اللعبة
فاللعبة شغالة 100% و كاملة و لست بحاجة لوجود الكراك

و شرح طريقة التنصيب ليس كباقي النسخ ...

طبعا فك جميع الأجزاء في فولدر واحد ثم أدخل على فولدر المسمى


فقط كل ما عليك أن تقوم بالضغط على زر الــ Setup

كما موضح بالصـورة أدناه و انتظر حتى يفك الضغط من الــ DOS



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حصريا : لعبة NFS UnderCover.2009 RIP بحجم 975 ميجا فقط تحميل مباشر و على أكثر من سيرفر
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